Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Last Still

I hope I can write another ending…but,
The last moment when I throw a silence promises for you to waiting, you just replied by those mysterious smile, trapped in your own silent and walked away behind me, leave me with a loneliness, then now, I got you staring at her with those deeply look eyes that you ever given to me for the first time we met.
Back to this September Rain…remember when I fake a smile in front of you, so you can’t see what I feel deep inside. When you back to me, try to haunt me in my dream, try to catch me back, try to touch this painfull heart again after everything mess between you and her. Who do you think you are?
I realized. I’m not a kind of girl who will be fool for love. I use heart to love you, but, I use mind to remember you. So, I won’t be blind. Remember all of your silence when I ask you to keep the love. Those silent means you won’t stand under the pouring rain to scream that love. You neglected me at that time, so far, I just knew.
I wipe my every single tears with my own hand. I’m lying in my own bed, never in your arms here for me. I hugs my own night bolster, not you. And, I cry every middle-night, I found that just another sad love song who accompany me to cheer me up, not your sounds. I found that just a little sparkling star and a warm moon who here beside me, not you. I never feel your linger here. Now, you just a stanger.
But, you’re not must be sorry or everything after this writing published. I thank you for ever love you, I will not be regret, because, maybe, that’s my favorite mistake.
I hope I can write another ending…but,
This ending, whatever the condition, nust become the ending. The tears ever drop must to be laughter…


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